Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
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I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
Cid always wanted to be the eminence in the shadow a man who is mild-mannered but secretly the strongest in the world. On earth, he worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. Sadly, he could not do it, seeing as he could not derive a way to defeat a nuclear weapon. Thankfully for him, he was isekaied away to a new world with magic. Will he finally be able to achieve his dream?
Season 2 Episode 1
It Smells
I always really enjoy the humor in this anime. All it takes for the girls to fly into a tizzy is just a word from Shadow. Though, I wonder why Eta got all excited. She does not strike me as romantically interested in Cid. Well, whatever. At least things are off to a good start.
Too bad it is looking like this season will be short. They managed to cram three arcs into the last season. I hope that they do not try that again. I always enjoyed some of the connector episodes where we got to see what the seven shadows were up to.
Season 1 Episode 16
Steal a piano
I think this anime is an excellent lesson for potential isekai individuals. Remember, if you share your ideas before you capitalize on them, then you will lose out on them. Cid has the smarts to do everything that Gamma, Beta, and now Epsilon are doing. However, Cid has decided to play the whole shadow broker thing, and now he is left to steal pianos so he can have fun. On a side note, I have to wonder if the whole Rose saga is over because it is not really as interesting as the tournament saga.
Season 1 Episode 2
No Moralizing Here
This was a nice change in the anime world. Instead of protagonists who are so gun-shy about killing other people, we have a grand protagonist who is more than happy to just murder anyone he deems worthless. It is a refreshing change, to say the least. I mean, there are so many days and weeks spent in anime where the main character just does not get it you sometimes have to kill people. Plus, there is the sheer brutality of the killing.
Seriously, I think that Cid needs to calm down a bit. Then again, I guess he and his family are all insane. Well, I am pretty sure because of how weird he is, all his little shadows will be insane. Well, this is a nice change in the anime. I hope that it does not get too annoyingly insane in the anime. I mean, the crazy is fun, but it is also boring after too much time.
Season 1 Episode 5
A Candadite for the world' super move
I have to say I think we might have found the best super move in the history of anime. That is a pretty big slot to fill, but overall, it is definitely something that we need to take into consideration. I mean " I am atomic" is such a wonderful name. Not to mention the sheer destruction left in its wake, I will have to think on this one for a while. It has everything you need for the world's greatest super move. You have the silly name and the destructive nature of it. Not to mention all the crazy shadows who view the light of that magic to be a paradise on Earth. It was very much a great move.
Season 1 Episode 7
That is creepy
Well, that was weird to see. I get it that Sherry is a weird, awkward girl, but still, it was weird to see her bring her dad along on a date. Still, I guess it is sweet at the same time. Having close parent-child relationships is a good thing. Still, I would be a bit weirded out by that. You might need to swoop in and ensure the person learns his or her lesson. Another weird thing is how self-obsessed Cid is. I mean, he goes out of his way to figure out all the high-level characters in the school and then forgets who Sherry is. You would think he might make a few more notes just in case something needed to be remembered.
Season 1 Episode 8
A great way to kill time
I have to say I approve of Cid in this episode as well. One must do things correctly, and if you are going to be wearing black, at least do it at night. Then again, you want to catch all the kids in school or something. Still, I approve of Cid making sure he gets to play his mob role. Then, he gets to sit around and kill the peons for fun. I will say he got lucky with Sherry being the idiot that she is. That made killing them a bit more of a challenge. I mean, if Cid had just wiped them all out via sniping, that would not have taken more than 20 or so minutes. Then what should he do with the rest of his time?
Season 1 Episode 11
Good thing they are fake
I am not sure if I should be laughing at Epsilon or not, to be honest. On one hand, her boobs just got loped off, so if they were real, they might be gone for good, which would be a bad thing. However, I kind of wonder how many people do not already know the secret behind the fake pair that they see. I guess Epsilon is just going to delude herself into believing that no one else knows. Plus, the ones who do know about her secret strike me as smart enough to not reveal the truth. After all, there would be consequences for that.
Season 1 Episode 13
Cid is crazier?
Hmm, well, that was unexpected. I mean, it was expected that Cid would not be in any real danger. However, what he did to Olivier was extra crazy. I do kind of agree with the baldy that Cid might have some real issues upstairs. I mean, I expected the narcissism, but I did not expect him to go that far with the crazy. Then again, sometimes being crazy is the best thing that you can do.