Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.
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I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
God accidentally killed Touya. God felt terrible about this fact and has decided that he is going to resurrect Touya from the dead and place him in a new world. Of course, God wants to make sure that Touya does not return to him for a while, so he grants Touya a strong body and asks if there is anything else that Touya wants. Touya requests that his smartphone gets to come along with him and still works, minus communication. A strange request, but at least now Touya can call God, right?
Season 2 Episode 2
New or old character?
Seems like we are trying to make up for lost time with this one. I mean, we saw Ende in the intro to season one but never actually met him, which was weird. I am not a huge fan of that kind of thing happening. You get to see all kinds of badies or friends something in the episode, and then you do not get to see them anymore. Well, I guess it is nice that we at least got to have him be a part of the show. Though it seems like the show is condensing a lot of the episodes and story because of time constraints
Season 2 Episode 4
Stop a Coup
So sure, why not stop the coup from happening? I guess that is original, at the minimum. Still, it seems annoying that you must force this in here clearly to get another wife. That is always fun to do. Obviously, Lucia will be the fifth wife. Why not have five wives? Anyway, things have to work out like that. If a government overthrow can be overthrown in just one day by a couple of people, then it was probably a good thing that things stabilized.
Season 2 Episode 5
Interesting thought
Well, I guess color me surprised about this anime again. This is supposed to be a happy-go-lucky anime where everything is fun and has cute girls who dress up in cute stuff with the occasional fan service. Well, whatever. It can make you ask deep questions, too.
You know, such as how would I run a country. That is something that I was not expecting. You get to set up your own small country. Now, you are in charge of building up the government and making it work for the rest of time. That is a fun thought to have from time to time.
Season 2 Episode 6
Getting permission
Okay, this is getting weird. Yae is willing to fight her father over whether or not she can marry Touya. I guess this is something that I should expect in the anime world. I do not know. Part of me just shrugs at stuff like this. I guess the other asking permission works out just fine, but still, this world is strange because it seems to be, I do not know an oddity. I am not sure what I am saying, so I will stop thinking about it.
Season 2 Episode 8
Overthrow a government
Well, this anime will continue to throw out all the stops. First, we want to save a government. Now, Touya needs to overthrow a government. Well, at least his smartphone is doing pretty good at that. I don't know what else to think about. Still, this is one of those thing that I guess we need to make up and keep on pretending is normal. I kind of wish this anime was not condensed so much, but I guess the studio just pulled this one out to fill the air.
Season 2 Episode 11
More annoyances
At times like these, I am glad that my family does not know all sorts of things to tell my potential wives in the future. I guess there is not much else to really think about. Still, it is kind of weird to see another anime where there is a part where a character explains to the man's wives how to seduce him properly. Is that something that could happen? Then there is the whole fighting princess thing.
I guess in this world, the daughter fighting to be free from the family is a thing? Who am I to judge the strange rituals of the world? Oh well, at least Touya could sell lots of magazines to this old man. Not to mention, the grandfather seems to understand that his granddaughter is not really worth all that much.
Season 1 Episode 1
Internet to the rescue
Ah, it is going to be one of those anime, huh? Where all the neat technology from Earth gets transferred to this world via Touya. I guess this is not something new that happens all too often. I think Touya made a good decision by bringing the smartphone along. Do not know or understand something, then just look it up.
Season 1 Episode 3
I guess shogi is easier
This is a surprise. Most of the time, Othello/Reversi is the first game that is brought to the new world. I find it interesting that is not the case this time around. Well, whatever. I guess that is something that was a creative decision. I mean, generally, Shogi will find its way to the world. Like always, Touya is in the right place at the right time to do something with his newfound superpowers.
Season 1 Episode 4
No magic required
You know, I guess Touya does not have a strong working brain. The way and reason the king got poisoned was obvious if you assume that the wine itself was not poisoned. Still, I guess it is better to confirm via magic.
Season 1 Episode 6
Government bad
I like Touya, being given a chance to be a part of the government and turning it down. That is the way to go. Being a part of the government is not good, especially a big government like the one in Belfast. Granted, I don't think about taking a house as compensation, either. You never know what will happen and when the king might want to remind you who gave you the house. Though it was weird how everyone thought only Yumina and Touya would be living there.
I mean, geez, that place is huge. Do not get me wrong, and I have no problem with two people occupying such a small place. However, I would not mind letting my friends benefit and save a little money if everyone pitched in. I mean, it is not like I am going to be hosting parties or contacting nobility or hosting diplomats or anything like that.
Season 1 Episode 9
What no dynasty warriors?
So, I would not have gone for the kill shot like that so quickly. I would have wanted to see how much of the army I could take down. That would have been more fun than just locking on to everyone and taking them out with one blast. Impressive but boring. Then again, efficiency is vital in a war as well, just as a budget is important to animation.
Season 1 Episode 10
his is just one of those things that we cannot let go, right? Swimsuits in another world. Always in another world, there will always be swimsuits. I mean, the fabric that swimwear is made of is a processed material, but who cares about that? Not to mention, we have all the latest styles and stuff from Earth. Oh well, I guess we have to have that kind of thing, or the anime just would not be an anime, right?
Season 1 Episode 12
Harem approved
I like women in these otherworlds where there are not plenty of men to go around and marry them all up. The women recognize that they will probably not find anyone better than Touya and accept that they will be out on the streets or worse if they do not just smile and nod. I wish more women were like Yumina.