Level 1 Dakedo Unique Skill de Saikyou Desu
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
Your standard isekai anime trope Ryouta works himself to death and gets dropped as a monster drop into a new world. In this world, literally, everything, food, materials, and resources are all dropped by monsters in a dungeon. The main character is obtained by Emily, a young girl who proceeds to explain the world to him. Sadly, she has very poor drop results, but he has the best possible drop results. Time to start a new life in a new world. Where you have to fight monsters to get stuff like carrots.
Season 1 Episode 1
Reactions to food
Maybe I am a bit screwed up in the head, but I do not understand these people in anime who sit around and cry because they are eating a hot meal or sharing a meal with someone. Maybe this is just the loner in me, but that is annoying. The protagonist gets all weepy because they cannot find the willpower to find a new job or something like that. It's the same thing with the delayed reactions and the noises they make with that. It is really stupid and annoying. I cannot believe that people in any country would act like that. I just wish that this trend would stop.