All Power No Substance
While there are some pretty fun points about this anime, there is one kind of really annoying issue. That is the god mode powers of Anos. While I enjoy an anime that does not involve a complete and total loser for once, it is one of those anime where it can get to be kind of annoying. On top of that, you have all of the annoying cliches and sentimental nonsense you get with anime. Somehow having Anos be god mode was a great way to make those things even more annoying. Though, as much fun as the Anos god mode is, it is annoying.
I mean, first, he has a solution for everything. There is nothing that he cannot do or fix. I mean, yeah, I get that he is kind of a god according to the mythology. However, it would have been nice if he had to take more than an episode or two to figure something out on occasion. Maybe it was play-acting on his part, but part of the fun of anime is the struggle. Watching the main character do his thing and try to survive and get stronger. Anos had nowhere to go from the start of the anime. His exploits were just one beat the crap out of the person after another. It got to be kind of annoying after a while. Having Anos actually try would have been a nice treat, which is kind of weird to think about.
I mean, at the time, his powers do not make any sense. He appears to be able to use all kinds of magic, which was a little odd given that when the flashbacks happened, it appeared that the Hero Kanon was just as strong as Anos but seemed to only be well versed in human magic. I guess this was all plot armor, and maybe this was just an intro series, but still, it was kind of strange. Especially when Anos goes around exploiting the laws of reality. I mean, really, at times, he did stuff that stunted the growth of all the other characters too. Which just kind of turned the cast into sicafants. You know, kind of like his parents.
Now I know that the doting, obnoxious parents are pretty much an anime staple for super-powerful characters, but seriously could they have, I do not know, toned this one down a bit.? There was no reason to go that far with these ones. I mean, at least the fan club had a good reason to be that way, but the parents that were just annoying. I mean, it would have been a little less grating if Anos's parents did more of their being obnoxious in public, but instead, they opted to just sort of being annoying only in public.
I guess in an off thought it was kind of weird that so many demons from Anos's time were still present in the current time. To be honest, it kills the idea or allure of being reincarnated when your most loyal subjects are still alive 2000 years later yet somehow have 2000 years worth of descendants. So that part was a bit confusing as well. I guess it was more plot armor, but that does not excuse things for being kind of strange. I mean, it would have been one thing for the families to worship Anos, but I guess that would have been too much work to write in.
Overall at times, this anime can be boring when you have the main character in god mode all the time. I mean, yeah, the anime protagonist being strong and always winning is nothing new in anime, but it is annoying when I have to watch all the anime characters always bow to him. It stunts the main character's growth and can make the anime really irritating and tedious—just something to take under advisement when you decide to pick up this anime.