A good Weekly anime
I always enjoy relaxing anime like this one. You know it is a well-paced story where nothing too surprising or unexpected happens. Also, being an Isekai anime, you do not have to worry about things like the character being overpowered or having everything he or she could possibly want in his lap. You just kind of expect that from an anime like this one. I guess this anime feels like a very compressed video game for the most part.
This is because of the progression of the story. You know you start at level one get mentored and then move up and on until you are ready to start ruling or something. You just kind of go with the flow, and that is all that there is too it. I think that is the part that I enjoyed the most.
Watching Well kind of go with the flow. If there is one thing that can be kind of annoying, it is when the Isekai opposes everything hat happens in the country that he or she is put in. They are usually going on about how they are too young to get married or hate the class system or just pointless stupid stuff like that. Well had a very "When in Rome" attitude. He is told that someone famous wants to marry into his family. He shrugs it off. His two adventuring companions wish to become concubines; he just plays the noble. It is all really kind of fun to watch. His blind trust in the world is kind of refreshing at times.
You have a guy who does not care about anything other than slowly getting all of his favorite things back in the world. Even better is when he just starts introducing all sorts of new products and stuff. No one questions where he learned about this stuff or anything like that. They all just see him as some kind of eccentric genius or something. This begs the question, where does he get the time to figure out how to make soy sauce in this world? It seems like for a busy and famous as he is. He seems to have a lot of free time and secrets layers and stuff.
I guess the best part was this was a good week to week anime. You know it was something to do and watch weekly to help me get over the last part of the week. I guess that could be a weakness as the anime might be a bit, not he dull side if I just blast through it. However, that has not happened for me, yet so I guess I had better just put that off for the time being.
All in all this anime is an excellent do nothing anime. You do not get much out of it, and there is not much that goes on in it. However, it is still entertaining without feeling like it tries too hard to be so. Not that I can complain much about the anime given how it was one of the few anime out there that did not give up when the stupid started. So yes, this anime is pretty good, and you should watch it just do not watch it all in one sitting I could see that being boring.