Some Isekai but not Too Much
This anime starts out exactly like you think it would. For some reason, a person dies and gets reincarnated into another world. The best part about this is that it is very little beyond knowing that Shin is from earth that gets in the way of life. This is wonderful. Typically all the isekai people, no matter how they are born, bring all their former personality traits and issues into the new world. I guess that is supposed to show culture clash, but that is different when you start off as a baby. Well, either way, this is a great start to the series. Especially how Shin manages to become overpowered.
Unlike most Isekai anime, where the main character is just gifted a bunch of stuff, Shin starts off from scratch. He uses his knowledge of the natural world to create new spells. He also figures out how to make himself stronger. However, he is not given some kind of super skill learning power or boosted stats, or something like that. Which makes the series a bit more believable and less broken. His power is still broken, but it is not because he was given a bunch of rare talents like is the norm. This also means that Shin can impart his knowledge onto others and power them up. So slowly, you get more than just the hero that is Shin. Another great thing about Shin not being too affected by his previous life he does not care.
Maybe that had something to do with his life, but overall he manages to not care about status or title or anything. Which makes the prince not wanting to be treated so princely a bit less annoying. Shin never had any intention of doing that in the first place. It is nice that we do not have to deal with stuff like that. Even better, they do not waste time on people who have complexes. I mean, there are some, but Shin is not affected by his former loser self, so he knows he has the skills.
Shin's confidence is admirable as well. I do enjoy how matter of fact he is and how he is not scared to tell people like it is. He knows he is fantastic and does not let others sway him from what he knows. Another great thing about this anime. Too often, you get characters who are wishy-washy until the moment of truth, and when that ends, then wishy-washy returns. So Shin manages to keep on doing what he does and helps even people who may not have his talents grow. Plus, I do enjoy how Shin embraces the culture.
Another place where we break from the normal. Other isekai anime have people who just cannot adapt to the environment because they usually are set in times when you do not get all the luxury causes that we have in our world. Shin seems to have no problem getting over that he is no longer in his world. He does not whine about how things work and embraces things. This is a million times better than most people do and harbor a grudge while not engaging in what would be seen as perfectly normal behavior otherwise. So we do not waste time visiting the internal struggle as the main character is forced to pretend like he is excellent with stuff. This is great because that leaves plenty open for the rest of the story.
I am not sure if this anime will get a sequel. To be honest, it is kind of a niche thing. I guess it takes advantage of the bubble, but I am not sure we will see more. This is sad because there is still a wide-open world for us to explore. The series ends on an annoying cliffhanger in traditional fashion, but I guess it could be worse. Luckily if you can find the manga, there is plenty more to read. So here is to hoping that we get a sequel.
Overall this series is a great watch because of how non-standard it is from the rest of the genre. Typically the genres go along as expected, or they go too far out. This one feels like it gets just far enough away to be different, but not so far away that it is a bad thing. So we can keep on watching more and more and more. I really do hope that we get to see more adventures of Shin, but that is up to the market to decide, not me.