The Standard Single Season
There could be griping about how the entire season is standard isekai, but instead, there will be whining about the biggest failing, too much stuff, too little time. Sadly this anime has not had a second season, even if it has enough of a story to make a good one. So we are stuck dealing with the fact that there will not be a second season. That kind of ruins the whole series. The entire series is getting up to a good stopping point which causes a lot to be lost and makes the anime very disappointing.
Disappointing in the sense that all meaningful character growth moments are lost because the series has to do so much. The series is basically a series of short sprints to the finish line, and it is rather annoying. There are plenty of chances for good character growth, but there is no time. This means that all the arcs have to be short and sweet too.
They have to set up the entire world and get everyone ready for the meaty story after the season ends. So we have just a bunch of peaks to climaxes, then drop-offs and back and repeat. That makes the series really hard to watch when you are going through it. Especially when all the social peaks are coming out. I guess that is just how things have to be when you get to the core of the issue. This is sad because the story does not really start until the end.
All of the stuff leading up to the end is interesting, but given where the story is supposed to go, the rest of the series is pretty dull. The first time through the story is pretty riveting, but overall, it is not going to feel like a very satisfying series when all is said and done. However, what can you do when you have such a large cast of unique characters who have to reach their first stage of evolution before the end of the series.
All in all, this series suffers from what many series suffer from. You have to get the intro in to get the audience interested, but since there is so much to get the audience interested in, there is not much interest in the series. This means that in the end, this series has a ton of potential that will be lost when the series is not renewed because no one really watched it.