Eiyuu Kyoushitsu
Laid back and silly if ultimately kind of boring
Was this a gacha game?
I am not going to do any research on this anime, to be honest. It might have been a fighting game or a GACHA game. Sadly, when you make an anime like that, it is either hit or miss. Especially when it comes to making sure all the characters get a showing. The worst part about the show is how very formulaic the whole thing is.
So formula number one. You have an awkward student who wants to make friends or has a misunderstanding with his or her current friends or classmates. There is awkwardness, and it isn't very pleasant. Ultimately, the chosen cast is the characters who are featured in every episode. Come together with some plan, go off, and find a way to rectify the situation. The situation is resolved, everyone is happy, and the story continues. Thus, conclude formula one.
Formula two, some weird threat arises at the school. The advanced class of students comes together to stop said threat from trampling the city. Said threat causes some problems. Blade relies on formula one to deal with said threat. Now no longer a threat, the character has some newfound fielty towards Blade, and the ever-awkward Earnest is pissed that Blade has another girl swooning over him.
Even worse is the formula that takes place inside the formulas. The formula that drives each of the stories is simple. A problem arises, and the main cast discusses the issue over lunch. The cut to the solution where the main cast has come up with a solution that generally involves everyone ganging up on the person who has posed the problem. There is not much else to it. That is the way that the series decides to work. Honestly, you could have just programmed a computer to write this whole series to save a little money.
The fact is that there is no real coherent story to speak of. That is why the anime seems like a GACHA game. You have the highly individualized advanced class who sort of fight with Blade and get their ass kicked. Then there are all the other students who occasionally get caught in the crosshairs of the story and are blown up or beaten up or taken on some obnoxious adventure. Overall, the anime gets kind of boring and repetitive.
That may be the kind of thing you need. To be honest, I would have a hard time keeping this one as background noise myself. There is enough going on that you would likely want to pay attention. Then there is not enough going on, so you do not want to pay attention. Hence, the series is annoying. Not to mention, whenever it appears that the author has run out of ideas, there are now naked girls around Blade. So, overall, I cannot recommend this series to people. However, I cannot say that you might not like the obnoxious story and nudity, so who am I to tell you to outright give up on this one. It took me almost all season to come to this conclusion.