Not a proper mix
The big problem with anime and stuff, which is supposed to deviate from the norm and transcend boundaries or mix things up or shock or something like that, is that it does not always work. This anime is a good example of something where you do not have enough classical elements mixed in with the new elements. This is a problem because if you go too far one way or another, the anime does not work. This is a precarious balance. This anime goes too far into the darker side of things.
The focus of this anime is the wrong side of things. Whether it be the bad things happening in the world or the bad things that happen to the individual characters, or the bad things that happened in the past. I understand there was a need to make sure everyone knew that all the girls had some kind of shellshock, and none of them were okay. The best job was done with Pei-Pei. She had more or less just reinvented herself and was clearly going from job to job and using violence and sex to cope with things. Since her bit was so short, that is why it worked. However, the event with Nozomi was a bit too far and too much. We did not need to see the start of what happened to her. Especially how she gets fixed.
There is too much god-level magic in this anime. Take Nozomi, for example. She gets a complete reset as if the stuff never even happened. This is understandable, but still, there should have been something more than just "it is magic" which is a common theme. Whether it is the girls almost getting killed by somewhat normal humans because of reasons and then making a comeback or people getting fixed or the military suddenly being worth something. The cheating is all too apparent. Which is typical for anime, but not when you are trying to make reality work with the not reality.
There needed to be a bit more not reality with this anime. Yes, in the end, it was very realistic for how reality would handle things. There would be a lot of bodies, and everyone would be happy that at least things are over and be happy that they are at least going to live another day. However, maybe a little more magic girl happiness would be better. The closest you got to that was with Chisato. At least she got a little revenge out of everything and was gifted a somewhat happy moment. As violent and messed up as it was. A little more that does not center around the darker emotions would have been a nice change. Again too much of an improper mix.
Overall, the anime does have this problem that can take away from what the anime is supposed to be. There was not really a need for much less death and sadness, but such a thing was needed. Always spiraling in a sea of despair and grayness is what real life is like. While having a bit of real-life mixed in with the fake life is a good thing. Making it all that way makes for an unbalanced series. I am not sure what could have made the series better, to be honest. I guess maybe next time, make sure that the only happiness is not dying? Still, I have to say this anime will have a hard time finding an audience for most people.