Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Yaichi is the youngest shogi champion in history, known as a Ryuuou. Then one day an elementary school girl shows up at his place and demands that she be made Yaichi's disciple. However, it seems that Ai is much more than your average elementary school girl. She actually appears to be a shogi prodigy. and she wants Yaichi to make her a champion
Season 1 Episode 12
Not Creepy At All
You know there are times when you do something and you have to wonder exactly what people are thinking. I mean I guess this is some kind of formal ceremony in Shogi, I would not know. However, you generally do parade a young person like Ai around with a teenage boy and have them sit and dress up in a setting that was clearly there for a wedding and pretend like it is just some happy exchange of commitment to being a master or a student. Ugh well at least they did not pretend to be very subtle about it. Seems like we can wrap this series up nicely.
I am serious I have no idea where you can go from here with this series. All the goals have been achieved people are not going to change. I mean this show does not even really explain the matches all that well so it is not like you can do something like have another tournament. Oh well, I guess that is the nice side of light novels you can just write them and find a good ending point which we can all agree on. Though I highly doubt this is the last I will see of this series.
Season 1 Episode 8
Always a Psycho
I always find it interesting whenever I watch anime and they introduce the sociopath girl or psychopath or whatever. That is pretty weird most of the time. I am not one to really find these characters interesting I will never understand why we need to have someone like that in these anime. Then again... I guess I kind of see where the cycle is going with this. Time for Ai to have her first major defeat and get her first real taste of being a loser. Oh well it was bound to happen sooner or later. We need our obnoxious loli to grow or something like that. Not that it really matters to be honest. Oh well, it is just kind of annoying watching her do this thing where she is going to be shocked that she lost.
Season 1 Episode 10
How Very Forward
I do enjoy it whenever we have the anime have this fanciful notion on how forward females are when they like a guy. I mean it is kind of sad and hilarious to think about. I really enjoy it, like there are females giving off such obvious signals that they are into a guy. Then again, I guess I am not really an expert on that field so who am I to say anything. Just my observations show that most females would be much less obvious and then give up when the guy was not playing her game. Oh well, I guess at least they got to go to Hawaii.
Season 1 Episode 2
The Oldest Gag Ever
Of course there is always going to be the way that things are said. Why are so many people's minds in the gutter I mean really... geez. I will never understand how in Japan people can expect an elementary school kid who has never had any kind of romantic experience to understand the way that they can be taken or something. Geez... this whole misinterpreting things is getting to be the gag that is getting really old. Oh well at least the show is some what interesting. Even if they could explain a little more.
Season 1 Episode 4
Here is the Twist
Okay that is a bunch of lazy ass bullshit. Really the big major twist is that her rival shares the same name as her? No.. that is right the twist is also that the rival has an incredibly similar appearance to Ai as well. Oh no what a shock some how she manages to get there it is so hard. Ugh I do not even know some of these cliches really wear on you. Normally that is a dumb western twist not something you see in anime.. or that I can remember seeing in anime.