Just kind of blah
The problem with a lot of light novel one-off anime is that they can suck despite having an interesting concept and story. Now to be fair, a person being reborn as a noble is nothing new, but I guess this one is unique. However, that does not mean there are no significant faults as with the first time around. Too bad none of them appear to be new faults. Some shortcomings being the failed attempt at meshing the personalities.
This is a problem because his old life seems to have a minimal bearing over his new life. Like a lot of Isekai anime, Well uses his knowledge for personal gain. The primary method is to give him a taste of home while he is trapped in this world. Otherwise, he is Well, lazy adventurer. And he seems to switch between the two when it is convenient. He usually becomes Well office worker when he introduces something he managed to make from his past world. Then he is Well adventurer whenever this is not happening. He also goes back to his old self for very brief moments whenever he should oppose some kind of custom. You know, like getting engaged to a 12-year-old and marrying her at 15 or having concubines. However, his resistance to this weak at best. He thinks in his mind what the problem is and might voice it, but overall he shrugs it off. Which is probably the smart thing to do, but at the same time seems like a waste. The jumpy story does not help all of this either.
Another thing I noticed was substantial time gaps in the story. I watched through the credits a couple of times to see if there was more, and there was not. Usually, when something completely unrelated is happening, and there is no recap of the history within eight minutes, that means that there was a post-credits scene. Not in this anime, though. There are several times when they might leave off at a good cliffhanger, endpoint, and then that point is never brought up again. I understand that skips and stuff are supposed to happen in anime. However, you usually set up the writing, so you know the skip might be coming. You do not set up what looks like the start of an incident and then end it. This can make the anime a bit hard to follow, as you are never sure if there is something else going on or if you missed something. Which falls in line with how Well seems to float through life.
Even in the post vapid of Isekai anime, the main characters tend to start thinking and focusing and having a plan. Well only exhibits those kinds of traits when he has too. Most of the time, a character starts off learning his abilities and then applies them. Well, just sort of seems annoyed that life happens to him. I mean, I guess this is not an unusual thing to happen to most people, but it is not really something that I want to see happen in fiction. It seems that Well's desire to have friends and go on adventures just seems to le the I'm being pushed around a lot. At the minimum, it would have been nice if he had shown a little initiative when it came to living his life and not just kind of doing stuff because he had too.
SO thinking on this anime, it is not a marathon worthy anime. I bet if I rewatched this anime in a marathon, it might not be as good, which is kind of strange to me. Usually, when an anime is okay, I can tolerate a marathon watch. However, thinking about all the issues in this anime, coupled with how basic it is. This anime really seems like it as good when I broke things up one week at a time. It gave me something to look forward too and an excuse to do nothing for 30 minutes. That is kind of sad, this anime does have a lot of potential, but sadly it seems that potential will probably not see the light of day. However, this is an excellent ambient noise Isekai anime, so if you need something to make some noise while you do something productive, you can efficiently check out this anime, and it will fill the need for you.