Good at Fitting The Mold
So now it comes time to figure out what I liked about this anime. So I sat there and thought, and thought about it as much as I could. I guess the best thing about this anime is how.... ummm... I do not know standard it is? I am not sure if that makes any sense. The anime hits all the standard points for making a reincarnation anime. From the main character gets their superior powers, to the fact that the main character will save or change the world, to the harem of females. So let me waste your time talking about that.
So we hit the mark on how the person came to be in this world. Something mysterious happened, and the main character was able to take on the life of his MMO character. The character of whom he has put a lot of time into making overpowered because he does not have a life. A fascinating twist to this particular anime was how the main character was able to adapt despite being himself. So, there have been quite a few of these anime over the years, and well they all grow stale after a while. Most are just some nobody or an average guy who dies on accident and gets another chance. This time around the guy has a rare problem with people and cannot socialize. So he does exactly what he should have done, pretend he is playing the game. That was an exciting twist. Typically, the main character's personality primarily remains the same when they are in the new world.
Speaking of being in the new world he falls very nicely into the rare person in the new world. I guess that is kind of the point though right? I think the more fun part about this one was that he was not the only one who was super strong. Several other characters can at least be a minor challenge to him. He is not just sitting around blowing people away left and right. On occasion, another being will appear, and he will have to try to win as opposed to trying not to murder the person. Most of the time the main character is just overpowered from the start and faces no real challenges from any one individual opponent. Which made some of the other interesting story points much more entertaining to watch.
Of course, there is the harem side of things. One cannot be a male in a new world without being a loser and suddenly having a large group of females trying to get into your pants. Though for this one they took kind of an interesting twist. That twist, of course, is instead of having the females kick him out and treat him like crap for the majority of the series, they were moderately nice. I mean the whole joke through most of it was the fact that everyone slept together in the same bed. That was a nice twist, it gets old watching females assault and force a guy to sleep in the hallway. So that was a nice change of pace as well.
I guess another grand part of this anime was the occasional realism of the fanservice. The standard course is to have an idealized sexy perfect female always walking around and fan servicing the audience. In this anime, Shelia was the primary source of this service. However, instead of making her idealized there was a good amount of time put into drawing her body as it might look. Like whenever Diablo looked down her super lose crop top. The boobs were drawn realistically when she was bent over. You know as opposed to retaining their perfect spherical shape. You usually only get an adequately brought female when the boobs are closer to being the average size.
The last thing that made this anime wrap up well is the foreshadowing. True, they gave away a lot in the intro, but at least there was foreshadowing in the earlier episodes. More or less confirming what you saw in the intro, but most of the time it is not so subtle. In fact, I was even a bit skeptical of the intro spoilers for a bit when I saw some of the foreshadowings... well when I thought I saw something weird. So that managed to keep me interested to see how the anime would play out. It is kind of strange how a couple of seemingly innocuous events can bring a story together once you see how they were foreshadowing.
All in all, I did enjoy this anime, it was very run of the mill with a couple of interesting twists. Which is all that you can ask for when you have seen as much anime as I have. There are plenty of things that I did not mention as they fall into what I qualify as a good anime. The story moves at a nice pace, and the characters are not complete cookie-cutter tropes all of that stuff. This one is a cut above the rest of the reincarnation anime out there.