Following all the Rules
So we have another dimension traveling person getting their MMO character to be their actual body and life. We all know the story right? A person gets to have an MMO character that is super powerful. That person goes into the game and is somehow going to alter or make it work better or something. Of course, this person is some reclusive shut-in male who has no friends. Plus now he gets to have all the females he wants around him and not know what to do with any of them. So yes, this is a pretty standard show where a guy just sort of figures out the world.
I guess the main issue that I would have with this anime is that I am kind of getting bored of the person always being a male. Though that seems to be the trope, males actually go to the other world, females just play the game and meet people in real life. It is still kind of boring to have the same old thing happen to someone over and over again. I mean why not make the main character a female? She is a desperate loser otaku who is also a shut-in. She makes a hot male character and gets summoned to the world. That would be a bit more interesting, well maybe as long as all the female fawn over him, but I digress. This is nothing all that unusual these days. So let's talk about the issues that I have with the story.
While I try to not pick on this too much, it was a problem in this anime, the fan service. Yes, I know that I am not supposed to care, but this time around it felt like they were trying not to cross the line of ecchi and failing. While I will praise the effort and detail that went into perfectly simulating how boobs would actually look, if they were huge and dangling around, it was... well kind of boring to have to see. When you spend large swaths of the episode dangling boobs around or prancing lolis around it gets kind of annoying. Yes the loli problem appeared in this one as well. I am not sure when this will stop. I guess I can understand Klem as she is supposed to be a child, but seriously they could not have found a better outfit? Oh well, that is just how these series are, the dream of most guys, like myself, who want to be their MMO character.
The story was also kind of disjointed. I do not know, maybe it just felt like it was disjointed. I mean there is an overarching quest or story for the entire series that only pops up as a plot device. There is a mention of the quest before another story begins and ends. Then when it is all said and done we suddenly are taking care of the main story that was first mentioned at the beginning of the series. After a string of unrelated adventures where no one even mentions the main quest. Just one second it is there the next second it is over. That can make a very boring story. These random quests and adventures work much better when there is not one huge goal going on.
I guess this is also a pretty big nitpick, but I hate it when there are characters featured in the intro that are not really a part of the show. Like the three females at the guild. They are all given a pretty prominent place in the intro, but you see them once. I guess the guild master gets at least gets to talk a bit. Though she is featured to have some special skill and we never see the use of that. Then there is the innkeeper who does not appear in the intro but is a pretty regular character. The whole purpose of characters in the intro is pretty confusing. Especially when the main characters are basically side-characters. I am not sure how to why that happened either. I guess there is probably more to this series than what I have seen so far.
All in all this series is an excellent standard story about being reincarnated as your MMO character. If you are looking for something predictable and easy to follow, then you came to the right place. There is nothing new or exciting about this series or anything like that. Just your vanilla, run of the mill, anime about a loser being sent to the other world and becoming a badass.